Dear fans,

Thanks for many oversea mails, especially from Hong-Kong, recently.
Some of you should have found an interview article on MILK Magazine the other day. I'm also grateful to those who found me even before the article, and I'm always relieved with kind mails written in easy, my sort of, English. I'm terribly sorry that I've not yet made accurate replies to all of these messages and inquiries, though trying to. Please wait a bit more, and don't get discouraged to write me.

My first illustrated book "RESET" is now available on and other Internet shopping sites. You can also find the KUNIE goods, only at
ALPHABET (Kitayama, Kyoto, Japan). I apologize for inconveniences in purchasing the goods, as it seems rather difficult for you at the moment.
The latest exhibition of "RESET" is over now and we are not arranging any nexts at this stage. I'm sorry again.

I'm planning of improvement in the KUNIEKAI site (
to support oversea fans, and thinking of running exhibitions abroad someday. Above all, I hope to keep in touch with all of you and am looking forward to the next hearing from you.

Best wishes, Kunie Kanbara